Though travel is an intrinsic part of every businessman’s life, its perception among numerous business travelers remains plagued with myths. It is time to break away from myths and travel smart with our UNIGLOBE experts debunking some of the common misconceptions for you.

1. Online booking is often perceived as effective for availing cheaper fares thereby resulting in greater savings. However, the fact of the matter is online booking in itself is not enough to optimize savings. While travel sites appear to be loaded with lucrative deals and discounts, they lack the customized content to suit your specific travel needs. “Opting for a managed travel program with a company like UNIGLOBE Travel is a far more efficient and cost effective owing to better policy management, more efficient processes, better negotiated discounts and deals and not to forget the expert consultancy and advisory,” comments a Uniglobe expert. 

2. Many believe that a local travel agency provides better customization compared to a global travel company. The perception is false. Superior services are based on the right understanding of your business needs rather than proximity. A global travel management company is better equipped to support even your local travel needs owing to its experience, expertise and scale of operations.

3. Managing travel expenses in-house is often considered a better way of controlling overall travel expenses. However, due to the complex nature of business travel, leaving it to the experts is the smarter way to stay within your company’s travel budgets. “With the plethora of travel related data and services at one’s disposal today, zeroing on the right combination of services can be a herculean task. This is where availing the expertise of an experienced travel management company like UNIGLOBE Travel is advisable. Besides their service excellence, they also prove to be highly cost effective eliminating chances of your travel expenses exceeding your budget,” adds the UNIGLOBE expert.

4. The notion that you don’t need the services of a travel management firm if you are a small company couldn’t be more distant from the truth. Irrespective of the scale of your company’s operations, achieving travel efficiencies and superior services are not exclusive requirements of larger companies alone. In fact, they are even more relevant for smaller firms in view of the tighter budgets they operate on. 


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